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Free First Chapter!

And Half-Off Thereafter

To celebrate the opening of Edits For Hire, I am offering to
edit the first chapter of your novel for free! 
This is a limited-time offer, and anyone who gets in on it now will also receive
50% off if they choose to have me edit the rest of their book!
I'm working to build a starting portfolio, and I need documents to put in that portfolio!
This will also be a way to get my name out there and gain good rapport in the self-publishing community. 
Do I have to submit the whole book?
NOPE! At this time, I will accept the first chapter all by itself! The only payment I
require is that I be allowed to use a few pages of your work (with my edits) in my portfolio, to be displayed on this website. And remember, you can submit the first few pages just to see if my
style of editing matches your style of writing!
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